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Our school started in September 1995 with one small classroom and seven children. CMS continues to maintain a low student/teacher ratio and a family-oriented atmosphere. Our teachers are highly qualified, and Montessori trained. CMS is proud to have a consistent staff; with many of our teachers and administrators working together for at least fifteen years.

Our Montessori preschool, “Children’s House,” is based on the whole-child approach. The primary goal of the program is to help each child reach their full potential in all areas of life. Children spend each work period moving freely from one activity to another, guided by a specialty trained teacher and their own curiosity. They choose activities, which are often self-correcting and increasingly more difficult. Each step in this academic process reinforces a positive attitude, self-motivation, and a growing self-confidence. In addition, we provide music, physical fitness, yoga, STEM, and Spanish instruction. 

CMS offers a full day kindergarten program, allowing those who are eligible to continue their quest for knowledge in a small group environment. Students attend the Montessori classes in the morning. In the afternoon, Kindergarten students go to their classroom with a Montessori teacher and a full set of materials. Students work on advancing their academics, along with receiving tutoring in reading and handwriting skills. 

For our extended care students, CMS has created an excellent afternoon program. Montessori teachers continue to care for the students, enabling the children to have the same adults with them all day. Activities include art, games, and outside play. This is a great time for students to develop language and social skills. 

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